Melbourne Beach Lawn Maintenance

Natural Weed Control Program

Post-Emergent Spot Treatment: Our Natural weed control program uses a chelated iron product as a post emergent option to control weeds in customs lawns. It is normally applied as a spot treatment in the spring and then again in the fall if needed.

Pre-Emergent Crabgrass Management: We offer a liquid Corn gluten product  as pre-emergant crabgrass reducer.  Corn gluten has shown to be about 75% effective in reducing crabgrass outbreaks so we can never claim that your property will have no crabgrass but will reduce the severity of outbreaks.

Target Weed Control

Post-Emergent Spot Treatment:  There are certain weeds that don’t respond to the Natural weed controls available. If theses weeds become a problem we will address them with a spot-treatment of a traditional chemical. We always use the least toxic product available. By applying the chemical at the right time of year in the correct manner, we generally only have to do one or two treatments. We will NEVER use a product on your lawn without first discussing it with you. Melbourne Beach Lawn Maintenance 



Pest and Disease Controls:

When their is a disease or pest in the lawn that needs to be addressed, we have a range of solutions to take care of them.  Per our policy of following an Integrated Pest Management Program, we will always start with the least toxic approach.

Grub Control Melbourne Beach Lawn Maintenance 

We offer preventative and curative grub control when needed.

*Many times the damage seen on a lawn isn’t caused by grubs destroying the roots of the grass, but by animals digging for grubs and other insects in the lawn. In these cases, we don’t recommend a grub control  and can help a good stand of turf recover quickly by raking the area, tamping it down and watering it well.

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