Palm Bay Lawn Maintenance

1.You can call us anytime and someone will be here to help.

2. We screen all of our employees before we send them to your house.

3. We are dependable. As a local family owned business, you can count on us to get the job done right.

4. Any mistakes, we will make them right. If we beak it, we will fix it!

5. We have multiple payment options available including cash, check or credit. You can even pay your bill online.

6. Our mowers are the lightest in the industry to prevent damage to your property. They also look nice too!

7. We maintain all the appropriate licenses and insurances and can provide evidence at any time.

8. We keep a good eye on all our vehicles. We know when and for how long we visit each client. You can be sure you are getting your fair share.

9. We provide training and support for all our clean cut and professional employees.

10. You will never have to worry about a contract with Family Lawn and Landscape. We hate them!

Palm Bay Lawn Maintenance  programs are not the typical throw and go approach used by so many national lawn care companies. We understand that your lawn is unique and has one-of-a-kind needs and necessities. We’re also experts in the developing healthy lawns that stay beautiful and thrive in water and sunlight conditions

During the specifically designed schedule of Lawn Care we monitor your lawn to help identify and prevent any potential problems that may affect the health of your turf grass. Weed control, fertilization, early diagnosis of diseases, and potential problems caused by insects will be figured into the big picture and managed on each visit.

Palm Bay Lawn Maintenance

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Palm Bay Lawn Maintenance
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