Viera Lawn Maintenance

A great lawn can make all the difference in the appearance of your yard and home. Great lawns are the envy of neighbors, the sites of the best barbecues and a soft, comfortable surface for the kids to play on. Plus, beautiful lush grass isn’t just pleasing to the eye; a terrific lawn will actually raise the property value of your home.

At Viera Lawn Maintenance, we understand that a great lawn is a hard thing to achieve. That’s why we’re here to help you with our excellent turf, sod and grass services. If your lawn is beyond repair we’ll be there to install a lovely new layer of turf grass and restore your yard to its former glory.

Viera Lawn Maintenance uses a wide array of techniques to insure that you end up with the best looking lawn on the block. Our skilled team of sod and turf installers are experts at laying down new sod or grass  . We specialize in tilling and herbicide and can even lay new sod over your existing lawn.

Viera Lawn Maintenance uses only the finest quality sod from specialty grass farmers. Our high quality turf is a mixture of St. Augustine, Florentine or Vahia and we use only the finest top soils, to insure that your new lawn is rich and healthy.

Once the sod has been laid Viera Lawn Maintenance  will take all precautions to insure that your new lawn stays perfect. We’ll fertilize and arrange watering to assure a strong growth start and if necessary apply lime and grub killer and chince bug applications.

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Viera Lawn Maintenance
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